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3D Visualization in R – Step by Step eGuide for Beginners


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3D Visualization in R – Step by Step eGuide for Beginners

Begin with this eGuide for learning how to build 3D graphics using various packages of R programming languages. This eGuide will help you understand the importance and the usage of various packages like plot3d & rgl. Both of these are 3D packages that produce a real time interactive 3D plot. It allows us to interactively rotate, zoom the graphics and select regions.

As far as this eGuide is concerned, it begins with the basic introduction of the 3D visualization, the data set, and other key concepts. Later on, you will install all the essential tools, using data sets, data structure analysis, bivariate analysis, creating a predictive model and so on.

With this eGuide, you will learn:

  • Overview of 3D visualization in R

  • Installation of required libraries

  • Understanding the parameters of the dataset

  • Analyzing different attributes of the data structures

  • Five point summary of data

  • Bivariate analysis, scatter plot, 2 dimension data, predictive model

  • Linear regression, 3D plot visualization, Contour plot & others

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