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46 BitDegree Courses [FREE, $2 – $5] : Python, Hacking Masterclass, Data Science,C, C++, PHP, Nodejs, AWS, Power BI, Passive Income & More

FREE, $2 - $5 $997

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4 Free Courses under $5 section

46 BitDegree Courses [ $2 – $5 ] : Python, Hacking Masterclass, Data Science,C, C++, PHP, Nodejs, AWS, Power BI, Passive Income & More


  1. Quantum Physics Course on Mathematical Formulations in Quantum Physics
  2. Solving Differential Equations Has Never Been So Easy!
  3. AWS Lambda Functions 2016 – The Complete Guide (With Hands On Labs)
  4. Learning Maths Online: Calculus Course for Beginners
  5. Learn About Selling Private Label Products: Find Reliable and Profitable Options
  6. How to Sell Anything: Unbeatable Sales Tactics
  7. How to Make Passive Income Online: The Complete Guide
  8. How to Budget: the Ultimate Guide to Personal Finances
  9. How to Become Successful and Rich: The Importance of Desire, Faith, Imagination and More
  10. How to Be More Creative and Think Outside the Box


  1. Learn how to use Excel from beginner to advanced in 23 hours!
  2. Learn Power BI With The Only Microsoft Power BI Tutorial You’ll Ever Need
  3. C Programming: Tutorial for Absolute Beginners 


  1. Python Programming For The Absolute Beginner: Master Python Today!
  2. AWS Lightsail and WordPress: How to Host Your Application 


  1. Learn Python Online from Scratch: Course for Beginners
  2. Learn PHP Basics in Under 2 Hours
  3. Rapid Python Training for Beginners: A Quick Online Python Course


  1. Effective Data Visualization: How to Create a Dashboard in Excel
  2. Branding 101: How to Build a Successful Brand
  3. ICO for Dummies: Learn How to Invest in ICO in Just One Hour!
  4. How to Create a Content Strategy: Tips for Marketing Newbies
  5. Advanced Python Concepts Taught In a Fast Way!
  6. How to Make an iOS App: Tutorial for Beginners
  7. Turn Traditional Financial Spreadsheets into Interactive Dashboards in Excel!
  8. WordPress SEO Tutorial to Guide you Through SEO Optimization
  9. Business Data Analysis Course: Learn Data Science for Business
  10. Python Crash Course: Mastering Python Quickly
  11. Data Science in Finance: Make Money from Understanding How Data Works
  12. Bash Scripting Tutorial 101: Automate Tasks Now!
  13. The Ultimate Email Marketing Online Course for Beginners
  14. Introduction to Machine Learning: Teach Machines to Learn From Examples
  15. A Quick and Effective Sales Course for Every Aspiring Salesperson
  16. C++ for Beginners: The Ultimate Bootcamp
  17. Hacking MasterClass: Ethical Hacking Course for Career Accelerator  (FREE) 
  18. Fundamentals of Python Programming: Online Course for Beginners!
  19. Understanding the Python Decision Tree: Machine Learning Basics
  20. Introduction to Python: Master Python Basics in Only 2 Hours (FREE)
  21. Nginx + Apache: How to Setup a Server From Scratch Using VestaCP (FREE)
  22. How to Become a Hacker: Learn to Hack How Ethical White Hats Do  (FREE )
  23. A Pointer in C Programming: Learn How to Define Single, Double, and Triple Pointers
  24. How to Build an App: Create Messenger App in 1 Day
  25. Facebook Ads Training: Discover the Best and Worst Ways of Running Ads on Facebook
  26. Learn Command Line: Mac and Linux Command Line Tutorial
  27. Node JS Website Tutorial on Building a Website from Scratch
  28. How to create an API with .NET CORE 3.0 

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