ExpiredAdobe Lightroom CC – The Map & Book Module for Beginners

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  • Basic Computer Skills

This course is Part 9 of the 12 Part Adobe Lightroom Masterclass Series.

In this course students learn to master two important modules in Adobe Lightroom. This includes the Map Module and Book Module. The Book module is used to create stunning photo albums from built-in and customizable templates.

The courses is divided into two sections, and covers the following key concepts:

The Map Module:

  • Introduction to the Map Module and it’s Capabilities
  • Map Overview and Functions
  • How to Geotag Images based on Location and Coordinates
  • Filtering and Saving Locations

The Book Module

  • Introduction to the Book Module and it’s Capabilities
  • Adjusting Book Settings and Auto Layouts
  • Book Layout Configuration and Page Numbers
  • Adding and Customizing Pages
  • Creating Guides and Cell Padding
  • Photo and Page Text
  • Formatting Page Text
  • Applying Background to Book Pages
  • Exporting Pages as PDF and JPEG
  • Exporting to Blurb for Customized Printed Photo Albums
Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to Learn the Basics of Adobe Lightroom CC

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