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ExpiredAdvanced iOS Instruction: Clone WhatsApp with Bitfountain


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  • Knowledge of Swift and iOS Development similar to what is covered in our iOS Development Course.
  • Ability to set up and use Core Data to a basic level. See our Core Data course.
  • Understand how to use Auto Layout to create responsive views. See our Auto layout course.

Course Description

Our WhaleTalk course teaches you how to build a complete WhatsApp clone in Swift 2.0 and iOS 9. This is not a toy app. You will be building a chat view controller that is fully responsive with auto layout – all from scratch. The chat functionality goes beyond person to person. Just like in WhatsApp, you will have the ability to start group chats and import contacts with the Contacts Framework. Data will be persisted to Core Data, and it will all be synced to the cloud with Firebase.We believe students learn by building. There’s no better way to become an iOS developer than building a complex app from scratch.Student Reviews:“I must say that so far, this course is awesome. Having the challenging assignments, daily discussions and feedback from the instructors, has been the missing piece that I have been looking for. I have read a handful of books, watched hours of video & typed in a bunch of tutorials, and finally, having to work through tough assignments and applying what I have been learning, it is all starting to click – Finally!” – Mark S.”This course is by far the most elaborate and best taught iOS course I have seen online yet. It’s good structured and covers a lot of topics in-depth.” – Christoph Zamaitat”Bitfountain’s discussion board is one of the best resources for a beginning iOS developer. So much help being offered” – Omar S.”Great course for total beginners, but also a lot of tricks and tips for those with experience. Also good seeing how others code and tackle problems. A great learning tool what ever your skill level.” – Mazza1111″I’ve just completed the iOS course, which I thought was a great intro to the XCode environment… I feel it’s been well worth the investment. ” – Herdy H.”I am about a quarter of the way through this course and have no previous programming experience. I have found this course to be well presented and structured with everything explained clearly. This is a difficult topic and you have to work hard understanding the concepts if you are new to it, but it is easy to go back over an area to pick up anything you might have missed first time round. The guys are constantly improving it and adding to it and seem committed to getting it 100% right. Recommend it….but be prepared to work hard!!” – Tony McDonald”Can’t reiterate it enough how this course is helping me with my iOS dev skills. I think using protocols and delegation is finally becoming second nature. Fingers crossed :-)” -Alex P.”I am really loving the class. I have taken classes at Code School & Treehouse and both were missing a key element. The ability to ask questions as you complete a section and get an answer. ” -Lisa A.”Your training is the best out there so far. I wish I had the time away from regular job to follow along.” -Christian S.”Im loving this.. I have been through at least 5 books, and many online deals. Yours is super so far. Finally, i can get from start to finish on a lesson without wondering why on “Everything” thank you. Cant wait to do more.. ” -Kevin R.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning how to build a complex app from beginning to end.

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