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Algebra I (Beginning Algebra)


This course is an introduction to the basic principles and skills of algebra. Topics include: Variables, Grouping Symbols, Equations, Translating Words Into Symbols, and Translating Sentences Into Equations.This course contains a series of video tutorials that are broken up into various levels. Each video builds upon the previous one. Level I videos lay out the theoretical framework to successfully tackle on problems covered in the next videos.These videos can be used as a stand-alone course or as a supplement to your current algebra I class.Anyone who wants to fortify their understanding of algebra I or anyone that wishes to learn the basics of algebra I can benefit from this course.This course is consistently monitored ready to reply to any questions that may arise.This course is a good refresher especially if you have not done any algebra in a while!You will learn about variables, variable expressions, numerical expressions, simplifying and evaluating algebraic expressions. You will go over examples showing how to determine if a statement is true or false, how to simplify numerical expressions and how to evaluate variable expressions.You will learn the proper way to simplify numerical expressions using grouping symbols, nested grouping, and expressions without grouping symbols.You will go over the basic structure of open sentences and finding solutions (roots) of simple algebraic equations over a given domain.You will go over how to translate mathematical phrases written in words and translating them into variable expressions. Common phrases involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are covered.You will go over how to use formulas. Specifically, the area and perimeter of a rectangle, the distance traveled and cost formula.You will go over the proper way to translate sentences usually containing the keyword “is” into equations.You will go over a 3 step problem-solving plan for solving word problems.

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