ExpiredAlternate Persona : A Mind’s Eye Book


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He knew how to get what he wanted and had bribed my mother, she would have never approved of us but it was too late. Shortly afterward her health failed tremendously so we put her in a home that he was paying for every month, I couldn’t leave him! It was all a plot and I HAD TO GET EVEN! He was too comfortable with making a fool out of me! He needed to suffer

How far will someone go to find out what they need to know on their own?
In this composition of deceit and infidelity Karma Creighton lives an unruffled life until she catches wind that her husband has a mistress—but what if she is her husband’s mistress?
How long can a secret be kept? Some people just have to find out what they need to know on their own, disregarding the warning signs, hear say and red flags. In this Mind’s Eye Prequel to Code you will meet Karma Creighton but learn who Christy Mitchell was before crossing paths with Hazel Myers.
Who has the biggest motive? You decide.

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