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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Ebook


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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Ebook

From the time of the Church-Turing thesis that suggested machines will be able to perform tasks akin to human beings to self-driving cars in Phoenix; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning has evolved significantly. Since then, it has gradually become part of many common devices. Because of its applications, people are showing tremendous interest to learn this subject. Moreover, already numerous tutorials, courses, and books are available for its learning. The e-book titled Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is an excellent tool if you are keen on the subject. It unfolds with the fundamentals of the topics, starting with the definition of AI and Machine Learning. You will also learn about the various devices where AI and Machine Learning is used such as smartphones and surveillance. An insight into Python programming language (one of the most used programming languages of today) and its importance in Machine Learning are also provided. This e-book also talks about some of the imperative terms of statistics used in this subject along with the classification, regression and clustering models in Machine Learning.

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