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AWS Lambda Functions 2016 – The Complete Guide (With Hands On Labs)


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AWS Lambda Functions 2016 – The Complete Guide (With Hands On Labs)


As technologies advance, there are more and more requirements that potential developers have to meet in order for them to become truly proficient in their craft. Today, one of the main requirements that employers have when it comes to hiring developers and coding experts is for them to be knowledgeable and proficient with AWS Lambda. Knowing how to code Lambda functions can help increase both efficiency and speed of the work that developers do within the company. In this AWS Lambda tutorial, you will have the ability to learn everything that you’ll need to know about Lambda functions – starting from the very beginner stuff all the way to the advanced information!

What’s the use of AWS Lambda Functions?

If you’ve never even heard about Lambda functions (or AWS in general), it can be really confusing at first. However, since it’s one of the main requirements for developers looking for a top-tier job, it’s a good idea to dedicate a portion of your time to study and learn AWS. For starters, AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It’s a cloud service platform that allows developers (individuals and companies) to work with cloud computing platforms. With that said, what exactly are AWS Lambda functions used for, then?

Lambda functions help developers to build apps and automatically deploy commands while coding. This means that a developer doesn’t need to concern him or herself with a lot of the generic programming tasks that he or she would otherwise have to put time into.

Why Take This Course?

Since this is such a high-demand skill to have when thinking about a developer’s job, there are naturally a lot of different courses that offer to teach people AWS Lambda functions. So, why should you take this specific course instead of some other one? Well, first of all, my experience with cloud computing is the guarantee for the quality of this course. I know cloud inside and out – this allows me to teach you everything that you might need to successfully learn AWS and score that dream developer’s job.

A lot of the courses that you’ll find online are based on some of the more advanced AWS Lambda information. This can be quite discouraging if you’ve never dealt with the platform before. However, this is a complete beginner’s tutorial – you’ll have the opportunity to start learning AWS from the very top and set your own, comfortable pace. Whether you’re looking to learn AWS for your own personal wants and needs, or you want to become proficient with the topic for a career opportunity – this course will allow you to achieve your goals, whatever they might be! Don’t let this opportunity pass by – enroll in the tutorial and start learning all about AWS Lambda functions today! Your future-self will thank you for the effort and time that you’ll put in to study this AWS Lambda tutorial

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