ExpiredAZ-400 Azure DevOps : Implementing Infrastructure as Code

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AZ-400 Azure DevOps : Implementing Infrastructure as Code

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DevOps has become increasingly critical to a teams success these days. In order to help developers ship software faster and with higher quality, Microsoft provides their own tool, Azure DevOps. Its one of the most complete offering in public cloud, which work great for any type of application regardless of the framework or platform. Objective of this course is to learn how we can implement Azure infrastructure deployment using Azure DevOps.


1. Introduction

2. Setup Azure and Azure DevOps

2.1 About Azure Free account

2.2  Create Azure account

2.3 Azure DevOps structure

2.4 Azure DevOps setup

2.5 About service connections

2.6 Create a service connection

3. Infrastructure as Code

3.1 About ARM Templates

3.2 About ARM template sources

3.3 Finding the right template source

3.4 Deployment using ARM templates

4. Azure Repos

4.1 About Azure Repos

4.2 Install Git

4.3 Push code to Azure Repos

5. Azure Pipelines

5.1 About Azure Pipelines

5.2 Build Pipeline

5.3 Checking validation

5.4 Release Pipeline

5.5 Parameter Overriding

6. Deployment Mode

6.1 About Deployment mode

6.2 Incremental and complete mode

6. Production deployments

6.1 About Production deployments

6.2 Production deployments – Demo

6.3 About CI/CD

6.4 CI/CD Demo

Who this course is for:
  • Azure DevOps Beginners
  • Azure Infrastructure SMEs

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