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Charlie: A Deadly Obsession

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Book overview

Charlie was always known as the kid who never could get anything to line up in his life. He was kind to everyone and genuinely cared about his family and friends. Events take place that open his eyes to everyone around him and a boy can only be pushed so far, from his abusive father to his conceded best friend, a person can only lay dormant for so long.
One day while at the local river he meets a girl named Cassie, little did he know this decision would change his life forever. He will find out that Cassie isn’t exactly who she says she is and all of his misfortunes will turn around, but everything has a cost. The events that take place influence Charlie into becoming someone he is unfamiliar with. Charlie and Cassie will do anything for one another, even if that means risking their freedom.

“Ahhhh!” Cassie screamed at the top of her lungs.

Quickly without thinking, I ran as fast as I could and jumped into the cold river, it almost took my breath away as I hit the water.

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