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Peterside felt God must have a great sense of humour when he revealed that his destiny was across great waters. If not, why would he choose to put his destiny across great waters knowing full well how fearful he was of waters having watched his childhood friend drown as a young boy…. However, Peterside found himself confronted with great sands for the most part in his attempt to fulfil destiny.
Peterside was determined to be the hero of his destiny: whether he had to swim to get there or walk until his feet blistered. Having to confront every obstacle imaginable were the best and worst times of his life. He was not one afraid of challenges. He knew he had a purpose in life, and he would give his all to attain it. He wanted to strike while the iron was still extremely hot! He had to ‘lean on his own understanding’ as a young man who had lots of years ahead of him. His time had come, and nothing was going to stop him. Come petrifying great waters, come deadly Nubian snakes, come scary Bedouin, come monstrous sandstorms, come killer pirates, even trigger-happy guards and crazy boat captains…. He was determined to get to his destiny as predicted. But one thing he forgot to take into account; Man proposes, but God disposes. How exactly did Peterside resolve the greatest conundrum of his life…?

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