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Children of Stardust 1 (The Children of Stardust)


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We are all made of Stardust.

Deadlines suck. Deadlines particularly suck when you have just six months to track down some of the universe’s most wanted criminals – a collective of humanoid weapons made from the essence of ancient gods… The notorious Children of Stardust.

Roanoke is an introverted young man seeking only to help his chaotic twin sister Kaleida and her wyvernboy friend, Myth, regain their enrollment in the P-300 training academy – a prestigious bounty hunting organization. Tasked with the impossible mission of finding and capturing one of the elusive Children of Stardust, their best bet appears to be finding the legendary Wayfinder’s Compass–an artifact that can guide them to the nearest one.

Their task is further complicated when the beat-up old G-RV they’re traveling in breaks down. Stranded at the sketchiest rest stop for miles, and grounded in the middle of nowhere, it seems as though they’ve hit another snag in their desperate search.

But all is not lost. A abandoned dungeon, unexpected encounters with a few peculiar travelers, and a long forgotten melody may just be the spark needed to propel the trio back towards their goal… that is, if Roanoke can handle the dangers of the journey ahead… as well as his new team members.

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