Colouring with Sweary Fun


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This baby is full of filth between the sheets😉

Colouring with Sweary Fun was made to satisfy YOU! We have literally gone out of our way to ensure the colouring pages are made from paper that is not only easy to colour with most mediums, but also has a satisfying sound (yes, we even factored in ASMR) when colouring to soothe you when you want to throat punch a 🍆head.

We all know how orgasmic ASMR can be 😮

There are ‘shock factor’ pages guaranteed to make you LOL with outrageous designs and regular pages with a good swear word and a pretty background for those times when you want to just shut your brain off after a 💩 day!

This book makes the perfect gift for your dirty friend, your foul-mouthed Auntie, and provides THE BEST ‘clean’ adult activity money you can buy for the price!

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