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Complete Italian Course (Level 1)

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Welcome to this FIRST PART of the Italian course for English speakers

I created this course thinking of 3 fundamental things:

The phrases, dialogues and words that I use in this course are useful, they are the words of a frequency list, that is, the list of words that are most used in a language in order of frequency.

I structured this course in 3 different types of classes:

Communication classes
vocabulary classes and
essential grammar classes
The grammar rules are clear and explained in a simple way with clear examples and exercises.

However this is a general basic course, it is not a particular grammar course, therefore, some grammatical rules may be incomplete. I will explain some less common grammatical aspects in later courses.

The exercises are mainly active translation, English-Italian translations, I will say the sentences in English and you have to translate them into Italian.

You can see the sentences on the screen only after saying the phrases in Italian aloud,

What I recommend is that you notice the mistakes you make, and if in one exercise you made too many mistakes, I recommend you do it again.

This type of exercise has many advantages: it is very useful for the brain to be fast in the active language, you will immediately notice the different structures that exist in Italian and English, it reduces the time of linguistic decoding, it gives you an immediate answer concerning your progress and this thing increases motivation. You can listen to the audio of these exercises in down time: by car, at the post office or just when you are going for a walk, I always do it when I learn a new language.

Basic knowledge
know the basics of the Italian alphabet

What will you learn
Introduce oneself
27 most frequent regular verbs
Other fundamentals of the language

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