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  • Desire
  • Analytical Thinking Ability
  • Ability to be a Bridge Builder!

BA is fairly a broad topic. It looks like an elephant in a dark room! I have tried to unwrap the “Business Analysis” topic and make it understandable for stakeholders in a large business. This is a course for everyone.

This course will shed light on business analysis to show you the big picture. I guarantee you like this course if you find yourself fit to be a good business analyst.


Why should you explore a career as a Business Analyst?

1. It is becoming trendy in the coming decade.

2. It is information and technology-oriented!

3. It is an interdisciplinary carrier which means at any age, and from any background, you can try to enter! However, not fits everybody!

4. Every non-small business needs this role!

5. There is a huge opportunity to progress, and you can experience a variety of industries and sectors and learn new data, software, etc. tools and enjoy life!


Why this course?

To know all about the broad topic of business analysis.

To decide whether you can be a business analyst or not!

To learn who is a good business analyst.

To use the BA techniques in your personal life that will bring you huge results!

The last but not least; to take the next step confidently and passionately!

This is the first course of a series of six courses every business analyst need to take. See the bonus section to learn more about the release schedule of the remaining five hot and sought-after courses.


What bonuses are included?

· Free voucher for four hot courses which are sought-after:

1. Golden triangle tool for business analysts; Jira, Confluence and Trello (Q1 2020)

2. Process mapping notations and tools (Q2 2020)

3. Software engineering knowledge business analysts should have (Q3 2020)

4. Agile and scrum (Q4 2020)

5. Change analysis and management for business analysts (Q4 2020)


You have nothing to lose! But many things to gain! This course comes free for a limited time only!

Who this course is for:
  • Anybody that has interest in business analysis or who has a role in IT including:
  • Software developers
  • Product managers/owners
  • Business/software architects
  • Transformation analysts
  • Solution providers
  • Scrum practitioners
  • Business analysts
  • QA managers and experts
  • IT support officers
  • Functional analysts

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