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CSS Basics


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  • Basics of HTML
  • A desire to learn coding

Everything you interact with on the web is styled using CSS. A lot of good programmers don’t know how to write good CSS, but that’s not because it’s hard or it’s any less important, typically people with a creative background are more interested in CSS. It’s a critical language in web design and development. Some people don’t like CSS, and they will tell you it makes no sense. They cry about it instead of learning it the right way. And that’s OK. My goal is that you won’t fall into that trap and hopefully fall in love with CSS the way I did.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Web Developers
  • Interested in programming and web development
  • Are you interested in coding? Want to learn basics of web development? This course is for you.
  • People with little to no coding experience
  • Interest in UI and UX
  • Designer wanting to learn CSS and styling

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