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Dancing with Musicality (Intro)


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PROBLEM: you are in a party, a club, a venu, or even just a small gathering with friends, the music is playing and people slowly start to get up and groove to the music. Everybody seems to have fun, some of them even laugh while dancing… but YOU belong to one of these categories:

– The ones who STAY SEATED while watching others having fun

– The ones sticking to their cups and slightly rocking, thinking how bad of a dancer they are

– The ones who are TRYING TO IMITATE the cool guy moves when no one is watching BUT FAIL badly

– The ones who think they HAVE TO BE DRUNK to enjoy themselves and can’t remember what they have “enjoyed”

– The ones who have actually tried to take dance lessons but couldn’t really apply them to the REAL WORLD (you know when there’s people in front of you watching, or that the music is different from what you practice with..)

– The ones who truly, deeply wish they could get out there and experience that feeling of NOT GIVING A [email protected]* what other people think about them.

If you don’t see yourself in these, you should find a better match out there. If you definitely recognize yourself amongst these, AND you are looking to CHANGE THAT, then keep reading I’d like to share a personal story with you.

2 years ago a group of friends and I were invited to another friend’s wedding in Montreal, and one of us had decided to step up our game and do a wedding dance for his ceremony. The problem was out of the 7 friends, 5 of them had 0 clue in dance, and they actually had that feeling of being “dragged” into this, just like when that “friend” tries to pull you out of your chair to dance and you just hate him/her for that ;). After weeks of preparation with DUMMY/STUPID moves, which they didn’t know could be considered dancing (like throwing a coin, putting it in your pocket, watch yourself in the mirror, play an instrument), they performed at the wedding like KINGS. The video is available on YouTube, type [Wedding dance Montreal]

But the most important wasn’t the choreography, it was after it during the party, where all of them killed the dance floor after realizing how good they were and what they can do with what they have. So to bottom line this, we all have something great that we can express in our own ways, but you need basic tools to get started and to get it out there, and this is where musicality kicks in.

What this course will teach you:

–> How to listen to the music properly and understand all the options that you have

–> How to be conscious that the little things you do on a daily basis can be used as your own dance moves if properly executed

–> How to dance to different rhythm

–> How to dance to beats

–> How to dance to lyrics

What this course will not teach you:

–> Choreographies

–> Counting while dancing

–> Fancy/Swaggy steps

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