DEMENTIA – Medical Modern day Thief – : Retrospective guide for everyday people and Family -2022.

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Can You Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Dementia?
Dealing with dementia can leave you drained and mentally exhausted, especially if you don’t know what to do. Jean Kaleb Phillippe invites you on an eye-opening journey that teaches everything you need to know so you can understand it, prevent it, or deal with the unexpected challenges of this disorder effectively.

Here are five reasons why everyone should read this book:

  • What Is Dementia, anyway? Find Out The “Whys” And “Hows” Of This Disorder.
  • Dementia Prevention, The Things You Wish You Knew Before.
  • Learn All About the Signs and Stages of Development. And How It Goes from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Severe or Late-Stage Dementia.
  • The Psychological and Emotional Impact of Dementia
  • Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness and How They Affect Everyday Life.

And more! A must-have book for dementia caregivers, patients, and families.

Jean Kaleb Phillippe created this book as part of his personal experience over the last 9 years. This is from the journey of his father being simply confused and having blackouts and falls, then to rest home care and more issues, this has been a huge lesson. He deeply believes people need an updated guide.
Join the author as he shares a valuable guide to understanding dementia, from diagnosis to dealing with symptoms and treatment. You are not alone on this journey. Get your copy today.

Buy it today, get your copy now, or even gift one to a friend.

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