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Design a Portfolio Gallery using jQuery


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Design a Portfolio Gallery using jQuery

Learn JavaScript and jQuery including categorized images, hovering & overlay effect in this JavaScript Project Course.

About this Course

Introduced in 1995 as a means of being a competitor for Java, JavaScript has grown to become one of the most popular interpreted programming language. Designed for developing network-centric applications, the language is the most used for almost all types of programming including client-side scripting, servers-side networking and even game and app development.

JavaScript’s main feature that makes it a hit with every developer is JQuery, which is basically a cross-platform library full of coding scripts that simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It makes it easier for developers to navigate a document, create animations, select DOM elements, handle events, etc.

Learn how to create a fully-functional image gallery using jQuery with categorized images, hover revealing image info, ability to add an overlay effect, open in a lightbox and even being able to scroll through the images. Enroll now and learn how JavaScript and jQuery can simplify your developing life.

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