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Django Deployment on DigitalOcean Made Easy


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Django Deployment on DigitalOcean Made Easy


Jump in to learn how to deploy Django projects on DigitalOcean in a smallest amount of time. Grab the opportunity to learn a quick way to develop a Django project and then learn Django deployment essentials. Come and learn from a tutor with extensive experience in working with Django for web development. You don’t need any experience, but a desire and a need to learn about deploying Django on the DigitalOcean cloud system. With my guidance, you’ll find it an easy task to do.

What benefits can you expect from learning about Django deployment in this course?

There may be programmers who like learning by doing. That is, going to DigitalOcean and trying to deploy their project for the first time in their lives. This will work, of course, but it’ll take more time than you probably want to spend on this task. My experience shows that it’s worth spending an hour or so for watching a clear tutorial, practicing along the way, and then completing such tasks smoothly and quickly.

Python and Django have been my best friends for more than 6 years now. I’ve created over a thousand videos sharing my knowledge. Students value my practical and straightforward instructions. I’m a graduate computer scientist focusing on web development, so there’s a lot I can teach and give real-world insights. You may join many other courses for learning how to create web sites easily.

What’s in this DigitalOcean & Django course for you?

The greatest value of this course is that we’re going to start everything from scratch until you have the work fully done. That means having your project deployed on DigitalOcean. If you don’t have a Django project ready for deployment, don’t worry. We’ll build one in this course together! Django deployment will become an easy task after you’re done learning the following key topics in this tutorial:

  • How to create a new Python virtualenv and install Django.
  • How to create a new Django app.
  • How to design a simple model adding desired templates.
  • How to create and set up a DigitalOcean account and a server.
  • How to set up Apache configuration on DigitalOcean.
  • How to install and set up PostgresSQL and MySQL with Django project.
  • And finally, how to deploy Django project on DigitalOcean.
Django deployment made easy

This course on deploying Django is intended for a beginner audience. Having Django basics will be useful, but not essential for enrolling in this course. I made the material and practical tasks easy to follow, and there will be no advanced complexities involved in this course, so you shouldn’t feel lost. Feel free to actively participate in a discussion that is available for all separate lessons on the BitDegree platform. I’m also sharing a lot of extras on Facebook, so you’re not alone in learning Django deployment with me! Start learning today about DigitalOcean, Django. I’ll see you in class!

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