Embracing The Unconventional Path : A Short Story About Confronting HIV Stigma and Embracing Mental Health


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The way we see ourselves influences how the world sees us. It becomes our inner thoughts and can help us navigate difficult paths.

When Titi and Musa struggle to conceive a child, fate leads them to Adanma, a beautiful 5-year-old in need of a loving home. But something about Adanma makes Titi hesitant to adopt her – she is HIV positive. However, Musa’s deep connection with the young girl compels him to pursue the adoption process, which Titi eventually gets on board.

Determined to protect her Ada against prejudice, Titi does whatever it takes to hide her status from the world. But right from the word go, Adanma bravely and resiliently embraces her status, fearlessly talking about it every chance she gets, regardless of who is listening.

Her brilliant mind and unwavering self-acceptance become her greatest assets, and she excels academically, refusing to be defined by her status. Ada’s inspiring journey ultimately captures the attention of both young men and influential figures, leading her to the world stage.

Embracing The Unconventional Path invites you to challenge your own perceptions and embrace a world free from stigma

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