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Foursquare for Business – a Shortcut to Social Advertising

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General computer skills
You don’t need any previous experience with Foursquare

People use Foursquare to leave tips and reviews about the sweet spots they visit. The feedback appears on their social profiles (Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter), which means free advertising!
In this course on Foursquare for business, you’ll learn Foursquare basics, find out ways you can use it for marketing, and then the secrets of automating processes. You’ll get on a fast track to making your advertising campaigns go viral!

Opportunities to add a business to Foursquare
The idea of Foursquare was to create a platform providing personalized recommendations of places to go based on a user’s location and other users’ check-in history. People get to share and view the information which is relevant to them. Foursquare works as social proof: users’ check-ins appear on their feeds on social media. This underlying idea has a massive Foursquare for business potential.
Foursquare is a free service, and there are well over 50 million people already using to spread word-of-mouth about their positive experiences, as well as pointing to areas for improvement in the places they visit.
Foursquare marketing leverages the feature of offering deals specifically to people who check-in with Foursquare. And, like it’s already been said, it’s a location-based service that can also be used as a local search engine where users can find businesses nearby. You will learn to exploit this underutilized, underrecognized tool in this short crash course.

Learn to utilize Foursquare for your business
In this Foursquare for business course, you’ll find out how to use Foursquare, and how you can take advantage of it in advertising. You only need general computer knowledge to enter this course, and a need or an interest in learning about Foursquare marketing. We’ll cover three modules:

1. Foursquare basics
2. Foursquare marketing
3. Foursquare automation

I’ll guide you through the processes of creating your account and creating campaigns.
In this Foursquare course, we’ll cover various topics on Foursquare marketing, such as running specials, social integration, training the staff, and marketing client’s Foursquare presence. Also, you’ll get the idea and the necessary knowledge of how to automate your sales. Foursquare has a potential to work pretty much on its own when you set it up correctly, so I’ll be sharing my experience and wisdom on what you’ll need to pay your attention to, and what features to use in your practice. Finally, we’ll touch on Foursquare fulfillment and how to utilize upsells. So, it’s a full package for you to start with Foursquare for business.

Spend less than an hour to learn Foursquare
This Foursquare for business crash course is a short and simple way to help you utilize a tool that you might have overlooked before. Learn how to use Foursquare, exploit people’s natural desire to share local information, and get the opportunity to advertise for free on social! That’s where people are picking up deals from today. Take the opportunity to use the advantage that others might have overlooked, and get straight into the news feed of real people, sharing with real friends.

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