ExpiredFrail Earth: Threatened by Scientists


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Frail Earth: Threatened by Scientists

By: Yuval KanevΒ Β (Author)

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Modern scientists enjoy a revered public image.
And yet, somewhat oddly, modern scientists have created burgeoning global dangers.

Stocks of nukes, swarms of artificial pandemic viruses, and billions over billions of polluting machines are gloomy reminders.

Based on a well-known authority, we all face a scandalous risk of extinction: Fifty percent.
Others propose other nasty percentages, lower or higher, up to hundred percent.

Hence, this book explores some sober questions:

Have scientists shattered our survival chances?
Have scientists downplayed their hazardous achievements?
Have scientists championed false paradigms?
Have scientists promoted deceptive group thinking?
Have scientists sold our future?

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