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Expired28 Free EDUONIX Courses (Python 3, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Android, Machine Learning, Automation, Ruby etc)

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28 Free EDUONIX Courses (Python 3, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Android, Machine Learning, Automation, Ruby etc)

  1. Learn HTML5 Programming By Building Projects
  2. CCNA Routing and Switching – The Easy Certification Guide
  3. Applied Machine Learning For Healthcare
  4. Learn VI and VIM the Free Text Editor
  5. How To Build Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels
  6. Learn Web Development Using VueJS
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  8. Learn Adobe Illustrator Course From Scratch
  9. Basic HTML5 & CSS for beginners (Build One Project)
  10. Generating Leads Through Digital Marketing : The Masterclass
  11. Projects in Docker
  12. Developers Guide To Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  13. Advance JavaScript for Coders: Learn OOP in JavaScript
  14. Angular 7 : The Ultimate Guide
  15. Learn How to Build a Game Using Java
  16. Ultimate Android Tutorial for App development
  17. DevOps on AWS : Learn to set up your infrastructure on cloud
  18. Learn HTML and CSS3 by building a newsletter designed with LESS
  19. Introduction To Data Science Using R Programming
  20. Learn Fullstack Web Development With Spring And Angular
  21. Learn the Basics of C Programming Language
  22. Learn Web Automation Testing Using Selenium
  23. Layout to Code: Learn To Build Responsive Websites
  24. Learn Ruby on Rails By Building Projects
  25. Personal Finance/Budgeting Basics
  26. Testing Angular Apps – The Complete Guide
  27. Learn to Build Mobile Games using Unity3D
  28. The Developers Guide to Python 3 Programming

Some Popular Discounted Bundles, E-Degree & Lifetime Membership Access

  1. Lifetime Membership Access passes
  2. Advanced AIML E-Degree
  3. AIML E-Degree
  4. Mighty Machine Learning Bundle
  5. Mighty Web Development Bundle
  6. Mighty Python Bundle
  7. Mighty Data Science Bundle
  8. DevOps E-Degree
  9. Fullstack JavaScript Developer E-Degree
  10. IoT E-Degree – The Novice to Expert Program in IoT
  11. Complete Java 9 Masterclass- Beginner to Expert
  12. Java Unit Testing with JUnit 5
  13. Learn Spring & Spring Boot-10x Productive Java Development
  14. The Complete DevOps Engineer Course 2.0 – Java & Kubernetes
  15. Projects In Laravel: Learn Laravel Building 10 Projects
  16. React + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud
  17. React Native – The Practical Guide 2020
  18. Vue JS + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud
  19. Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects
  20. The Complete Web Development Course – Build 15 Projects
  21. Projects in MongoDB – Learn MongoDB Building Projects
  22. Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects
  23. Projects in Django: Learn Django Building Projects
  24. Bootstrap 4 Tutorial For Professionals
  25. Projects in Enterprise Java
  26. Spring Framework for Beginners
  27. Mathematical Foundation For Machine Learning and AI
  28. Learn Machine Learning By Building Projects
  29. AI and Machine Learning for Professionals
  30. Data Science And Machine Learning Masterclass
  31. AI and Machine Learning Guru
  32. Machine Learning Basics: Building Regression Model in Python
  33. Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners
  34. Clustering & Classification With Machine Learning in Python

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