Expired[FREE LIMITED!!] OpenFOAM: From Modeling to Programming


  • Having Linux Operating System (you can use virtual machine if you don’t use one). using Linux isn’t essential but will make it easier to follow the course and will ease the use of OpenFOAM
  • Good Engineering sense. (Doesn’t necessarily mean you are an engineer 😉 you need just good math and innovation)
  • some knowledge of programming in general. Although any programming steps will be provided in the course
  • A background in Math.

Whether you are a beginner in modeling or you are a great modeler this course is going to be useful. This course is about breaking the modeling boundaries and be able to actually create any model you want to do. OpenFOAM allows us to program our own solvers and that’s what makes it special. Most of the modeling software have a set of predefined solvers that you need to stick with, but not OpenFOAM, you will have the predefined solvers along with the capability to create your own.

So in this course you will learn how to model using OpenFOAM and how to be able to create your solvers from the very beginning. I’m going to make it easy, simple and hopefully fun to follow my lectures ;)). All I guarantee to you is that you will find it useful at the end.

Who this course is for:
  • Researchers and Commercial users looking for a fast and flexible software to implement their work
  • Engineering students who need to work in CFD and the modeling industry
  • Professors looking for a modelling software to use in class

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