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ExpiredFREE Live Online Training – AI – Creating The Paradigm Shift


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FREE Live Online Training – AI – Creating The Paradigm Shift

Since long, humans have been intrigued by the idea of creating machines that can mimic the human brain. The decades of tech evolution have finally led to the creation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and now, deep learning that has the capability to mimic human intelligence by learning with past data.

Modern Artificial Intelligence algorithms are widely being used for applications like text generation, image processing, fraud detections, disease onset prediction & so much more, that otherwise was not possible. All it takes is the data, processing systems & advanced training. The more data & processing power provided, the more humanlike outcome can be achieved.

Considering its importance & the evident skill gap, here’s an exclusive live training that will give you an overview of the foundations for new buzzwords in the market – “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning”. You will understand what makes AI the new electricity in this world and how it is creating a paradigm shift in solving problems in business or society. This live training will cover:

  • Intro To Artificial Intelligence
  • The World Of Machine Learning
  • Problems That AIML Can Solve
  • Industry Insights
  • Career In AI & ML

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