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It won’t be wrong to say that we are a privileged generation who are living in an era that is full of technological advancements. Those days are the thing of the past when a majority of the tasks were done manually, now we are experiencing a time where a lot of work is taken over by machines, software, and various automatic processes. One such advancement is AI & Machine Learning that can transform computers and machines to think like humans.

ML has become so popular that developments in its models are happening at a pace that has become challenging for others to keep up with. As of now, only a handful of people truly understands all the advancements made in Machine Learning & its algorithms.

We truly believe that learning and understanding how ML works has become as important as learning to read and write, especially if you are a programmer. Literally, AI & ML is everywhere and it has the potential to change any domain as a whole. Considering its need and importance, we have organized a live training session dedicated to Machine Learning for FREE. It will train you to utilize machine Learning for building an algorithm for loan prediction. During this training session, you will be trained for:
– Machine Learning
– ML Paradigm
– ML Pipeline
– Building ML Model (Loan Prediction)

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