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  • Believing you are cut-out for higher purpose in life
  • Hungry to unleash your own potential
  • Willingness to go out of your comfort zone & take actions
  • Allocating fixed time everyday to finish this course (just 10 min a day)


Have you been investing a lot of time on your new learnings online from various sources?

But the question is – Are your learnings Converting into Sales & Growing Revenue?

Have you ben able to create your digital products yet?

So, even after attending many Webinars, Courses, Events, Live Masterclasses, Mastermind etc etc etc, etc, are you unable to IMPLEMENT all your Learnings in direction of your growth and is that making you frustrated?

Do you find yourself getting stuck quite often in digital systems setup or lack of results & is that making you indulge in regrets & guilt!

When I was also learning the language of the digital world, everything seemed so interesting to know & learn, but when it came to Implementing, I could not make substantial progress & kept losing my precious time figuring things on my own, still having need for technical help & support all the time and that made me regret some of my past investments in trying to learn to do all by myself (well this is how they promise ?, i could be on my own completely )

Was I trying to save money by learning to do things myself or was I trying to reduce my dependency on others

Whatever the reason, I did not realize that these new learnings are not my core skills and sooner or later, it will become a burden to manage so many things on my own !

Should I focus on content creation, building my community, conversions, sales or should i keep making creatives, write emails, manage FB ads , manage leads etc etc … These things take a lot of productive TIME and also require a deeper understanding to make it work like a PRO!

As a Knowledge Giver, I am like an Architect – who creates, but I ended up doing the job of a labourer, plumber, carpenter, electrician – just because I know how to do that work also.

I did not make the right choice due to lack of awareness and not knowing what needs to be done, I was simply following the instructions given in various high ticket programs.

But what do you think – should an Architect remain an architect and use their creativity to create more


Should they get into implementation roles which other experts execute at much faster pace as they have developed skills & invested time to excel in those roles?


Who this course is for:

  • Knowledge Professional – Teachers /Trainers/Coaches/Consultants
  • Corporate trainers | Public Speakers | Authors
  • Fitness, Music,Dance, Art Professionals
  • Life coaches | Business Coaches | Career Coaches | Health Coaches | Relationship Coaches

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