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Getting Started with Ember.JS Tutorials from Ground Up


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Getting Started with Ember.JS Tutorials from Ground Up

Learn what is Ember JS & how it can help you build complex and quick apps and SPAs in this detailed Ember.js tutorial.

About this Course

As a developer, much of your life revolves around writing codes, but what if I told you that now you don’t have to keep writing code for every simple thing? With Ember.JS, this is actually possible. EmberJS is an open-source JavaScript application framework, which reduces the amount of coding required because of its Handlebars integrated templates.

Based on the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, EmberJS allows developers to build scalable single-page web applications. Designed for productivity and reducing development time, Ember is one of the fastest growing front-end application frameworks being adopted worldwide. Ember is currently used on many websites such as Discourse, Groupon, Vine, Live Nation, Nordstrom, and even Chipotle.

Although considered as a framework for websites, Ember can also be used to develop desktop and mobile applications.

Growing at such a rapid rate, EmberJS is one of the most important skills to have for web developers and our course is the perfect solution for any developers looking to learn this technology. Our comprehensive course is developed in a manner to not only teach you the basics of EmberJS, but to also teach you the technology philosophy as well as all associated components.

Why should you learn EmberJS?

  • Flexible framework that allows you to speed up the performance of your application without having to constantly reload the whole page.
  • Handlebars template – which ensures that the HTML stays up-to-date when the underlying model changes.
  • The data binding is fully supported, which means if one value is changed, the other one is automatically updated.
  • Automatically determines routes and controller and allows shareable URLs.

Our online tutorial will go over the fundamentals of EmberJS including an overview of Ember, setting up Node.JS, Ember-cli, routing, models, templates, components and services. It will also teach you how to incorporate all of these technologies to create a fully functional ToDo List Application.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  •  Set up Node.JS environment
  •  Fully understand what is Ember and how to use Ember.JS to create web applications
  •  How to work with routes, templates and linking routes
  •  How to use handlebars, controllers and data binding
  •  How to get data from models and use the Ember Data Library
  •  To create an application using EmberJS

Designed with industry experts, the video course is the perfect addition for any developer looking to cut down the time it takes to design a website. So, with all of this available at your fingertips, what are you waiting for?

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