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Expired(Amazon) Ghost Stories From Grandpa


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This book is about seven real ghost encounter stories which I heard from my grandpa. I tried to present them without spoiling the essence.
Story 1: Somu is a schoolboy who plans to visit his Aunt’s house. But his journey takes turns when he encounters a black cat.
Story 2: An old man Bhadra suffers a lot physically and financially. How his fate changes after meeting two friendly ghosts
Story 3: Three friends went to a late-night movie. Circumstances make them walk through an inhabitant way. What happens to them?
Story 4: Vibha is a kid who plays and enjoys with her friends. One day they play under a massive tamarind tree. How the situation changes for Vibha after playing under the tree.
Story 5: Two brothers travel on a highway. A girl stops the car and asks them for a ride. They become friends with her instantly. But they came to know a truth that shakes them.
Story 6: Grandpa and his brothers stay at their farm at night to guard the mangoes. But Grandpa gets experience which he can’t forget in life.
Story 7: An old woman lives alone in her house. Two workers take care of her. The old woman’s son took her with him after the workers tell him about his mother’s behaviour. He gets a shock when he returns with his mother. What’ happened?

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