ExpiredHacking for Beginners: Guide on How to Break Into a Remote System


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Hacking for Beginners: Guide on How to Break Into a Remote System


The word ‘hacker’ usually brings out negative associations. But what comes into your mind when you hear words like Jobs, Gates or Zuckerberg? This world would be quite a different place without them, right? But they all were hackers, and two of them probably still are. Some hackers break things, and there are hackers who improve things.

This hacking for beginners course is for those who are curious to build things quickly and test the boundaries.

So you want to become a hacker

You might be one of those who are thrilled by the idea of hacking into remote systems, but you don’t know where to begin. Then this hacking for beginners course is right for you. I’ve lots of experience at performing penetration testing for clients such as BBC, O2, Sony Ericsson in the UK, and I lead a team of penetration testers in the Middle East and North Africa region. You can trust that this ethical hacking course is based on a solid foundation.
Did you know there are undersea internet cables connecting countries and continents? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. And you’re good to enroll this course! You’re here to get the basics of how the internet works, to find out about vulnerability scanning, target exploitation, port scanning, and other subjects. It means you don’t need to be already highly competent in the topics I mentioned. You don’t even need to know much about coding or operating systems. I’ll be the one to guide you from zero. And if you already have experience in networks, web, and hacking, then I’m happy to invite you to choose some of our more advanced courses.
I took great care to organize this hacking for beginners course in small, easy to follow sections. You will gradually build on the information from one lesson to another until you finally break into a remote system.

Practice the tools to exploit your target weaknesses and hack its system

This 2-hour hacking for beginners course is divided into 3 parts. After going through the initial part, you’ll understand the principle of how the internet works. You’ll know what IP address is and who you need them for hacking. You’ll also learn about the function of DNS, how it makes the Internet work. I’ll also explain about servers and services and their role in hacking. In the foundation stage, we’ll also dive deep into packets.
The second part will prepare you to set your own lab to practice hacking legally.
And finally, we’ll move on to hacking: you’ll perform port scanning, you’ll understand vulnerability scanning and find the ways to identify weaknesses. Then you’ll exploit those weaknesses to hack your target.

2 hours is enough to make your first break-in legally

As you will see, it doesn’t take months or years of studying computer science to be able to hack a remote system. This ethical hacking course prepares you to do that in 2 hours! I’ll pass on the info about the 4 components necessary for every hack, and you’ll be armed with a good foundation to move from hacking for beginners to other higher levels in future.

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