How to become a cloud engineer – absolute basics


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  • This course is for the absolute beginner with no experience but can also benefit who have already started learning the cloud.

Want to be a cloud professional but dont know where to start? This course might be a good start if we think alike. 🙂

First thing first, I have 21 years or IT experience, only 1 of that in the cloud, but in that 1 year, I became the team lead of a cloud engineering team for a fortune 500 company saved them 4 million $ of their 12 million$ AWS budget for a specific department. Trained an Auto Mechanic barely getting by and mentored him to a job making 80,000 per year. And in the same time interviewed more than 20 candidates all with at least 2 AWS associate certificates and rejected all of them but 2, while the other 2 I hired and turned them into world-class DevOps Engineers did not have any certifications. If I sound like someone you would want to listen to, go ahead with this beginner course.

To set the expectations clear, you would be able to get your certifications after attending my trainings but that is absolutely not my goal. I did get all 4 associate and 3 pro certs for AWS and GCP but not something you NEED to be a ethically successful cloud professional.

Who this course is for:
  • Aspiring cloud architects and admins

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