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ExpiredHOW TO GET RICH WITH AI: Amazing Secrets Revealed


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Achieve Financial Freedom in No Time at All With Your Hardworking, Robotic Business Partner – Harness the Power of A.I and Propel Your Profits Into Outer Space!

Do you worry that you’ll end up losing your job overnight because of A.I sweeping your job away like a U.F.O stealing cows?

Well, pigs aren’t flying yet so don’t even worry about that anymore!

In “How to Get Rich with A.I,” Wendy Robbins is here to show you how to turn those robots into your personal money-making minions. This book is perfect for people wanting to make money with A.I or you just want to make money, or make money with Chatgpt,

With a delightful mix of satire and laugh out loud humor, this book takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the world of Artificial Intelligence, rebranding A.I. as “Automated Income” in this digital era. You will love this AI passive income roadmap and yes it is perfect if you want to know how to make money online with AI for beginners. Or maybe you want to make passive income using ChatGPT. No worries! You will learn exactly how to use AI for business and how to make money online using ChatGPT prompts.

Say goodbye to the doom and gloom, and hello to your new digital assistant that’ll help you generate more money faster than you can say “algorithm.”


  • Laughing and learning at the same time!: This book offers brilliant business advice from Wendy Robbins who made millions with The Tingler head massager and was a business coach for Kelly Ripa on a TV series. Bloomberg named her “America’s Next Top Entrepreneur. She wrote this book offering thought-provoking questions and prompts that will make AI easy to understand and make your you laugh a lot too.
  • The magical money-making genie: Leverage A.I. to skyrocket your profits, save time, Discover how to do 3 weeks of work in 3 hours! You will understand exactly how to make money online with AI for beginners who want passive income.
  • How to become a master of anything, without the effort: A.I is ready to hand you everything you need to know to save time, help with marketing and sales and customer service. It can be confusing unless you know how to talk to A.I . Studying for 10 years? Nope. All you need is to read this book
  • Secrets to passive income: With your shiny new robotic assistant, you’ll streamline operations, create tons of content, social media posts, blogs, marketing, maximize profits, and overcome business challenges. This book is your AI passive income roadmap!

If you’re ready to have a genius digital assistant to work with you for your financial success, grab your copy of “How to Get Rich with A.I” today.

Here are what a few people say about the book.

“Wow, ‘How to Get Rich with AI’ is an absolute gem! Not only did it provide me with incredible insights into the world of AI-driven business, but it also had me laughing out loud throughout. This book’s witty humor combined with its top-notch business advice is a winning combination. Highly recommend!” – Christi S.

“I couldn’t put down ‘How to Get Rich with AI.’ It’s not often that a book on business strategy can be so entertaining. The humor sprinkled throughout keeps you engaged, and the practical advice on harnessing AI for financial success is truly valuable. An excellent read for anyone looking to thrive in the AI age.” – Jamyelese R

“An absolute must-read! ‘How to Get Rich with AI’ is not only hilarious but also packed with brilliant business advice. The author’s ability to make complex AI concepts accessible and entertaining is commendable. If you want to stay ahead in the business world, this book is your secret weapon.” – Marvin P

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