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Two brothers who are estranged by a personal tragedy lead opposite lives – one is a respected community leader and family man, while the other delves into crime – which will prompt one to seek revenge against the other.

In this story marked by family values, betrayal, and revenge, two brothers who are estranged by a personal tragedy follow opposite paths in life, prompting one to seek a vendetta against the other.

Raul and Marco have a difficult life. Burdened by their mother’s chronic illness and their father’s alcoholism, their family is going through a severe financial struggle. Raul is conservative about the matter, and the family does not perceive Marco’s approximation to the wrong crowd.

When Marco’s innovative approach for a business idea is stolen by one of his neighbors, he and his friends decide to rob the store as payback. The deal goes awry, though, and it leads to a homicide that will land him in prison after his brother’s testimony against him.

Several years pass, and Raul is a respected community leader for his tireless work during the Hurricane Katrina crisis. He is married and has three sons who are either in an Ivy-league college or in the process of being admitted into one.
However, Marco is out of prison and running a successful underground business wants to put a revenge plan he has fermented throughout all this time into practice.

When Marco’s plan shakes the life of his brother’s family, his nephew Marcus decides to take matters into their own hands to investigate and halt his rogue uncle’s plan.

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