I’m Done Being Broken


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Follow me, Antwoinette Ayers, as we go from broken to blessed! Healing from trauma, mental illness, abuse, and heartbreak was a beautiful nightmare for me. On one end, I was engulfed by understanding the difference between nature and nurture. What was I to do with the residue of bitterness, abandonment, rejection, manipulation, and how to let it go? Many of us would like to arrive at a place where we are enough, appreciated, and worthy of everything we dream of having. As a result, life sends us on a path of choices formed and shaped by our experiences and thoughts. As you read this book, things will awaken you that you might have suppressed to endure life. However, continue to embrace yourself freely by facing all the issues that once left you broken. I wrote this book purposefully to help you free yourself. You have the power to reach inside of you and search for yourself as treasure because you are more than your broken experiences. You are your greatest future! Over 15 short chapters, including Journal, prompts to explore, prayers, and affirmations, Antwoinette Ayers, Author, Speaker, and Coach, has written the ultimate deliverance Self-Healing Workbook. This book is rated for ages 13 and above. This book is for Women Groups, Mentor Programs, Holistic Healing, Affirmation Ceriomonies, Therapy, and Self Development Classes.

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