ExpiredIntroduction to Python: Master Python Basics in Only 2 Hours


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Introduction to Python: Master Python Basics in Only 2 Hours

All it takes is one look around to see that technology is constantly advancing. With such constant growth in both hardware and software development, there’s a huge need for specialists in this field. Python programming is no exception – good professionals are in constant demand. If you want to join the prestigious ranks of python developers, you will need to know and study the programming language through and through. And what better way to do so than with a great introduction to Python?

Introduction to Python – Why Learn Python?

If you’ve never before encountered Python, you might not really be convinced. Why should you spend your time learning this programming language? Why not perfect some other skill in the meantime? Well, numbers truly do talk for themselves. An average Python programmer’s salary consists of six figures. Yes, you’ve read that right – six figures! Why is this the case? Quite simply, Python programming is a skill that is both applicable and useful in many different scenarios. Software development, AI technologies, game creation – you name it! Even if you only study the introduction to Python, you’ll notice just how useful and far-stretching the language truly is.

Creating apps, focusing on security, programming different software – with Python, a huge number of different doors open up! Even after you take a “Python for absolute beginners” or “Python for dummies” course, you will already have a significant understanding of how this programming language works, and what’s in store for its future. And since we’re on the topic of future, it’s definitely worth stressing – choosing to learn this introduction to Python is a huge leap in securing your own, personal financial and professional future!

Everybody Starts Somewhere

As you probably understood already, this is a complete beginner’s introduction to Python. This means that you do not need to have any prior experience whatsoever to enrol this Python course – no need to worry if you’ve never even touched a programming language before! Now, you might think – what’s the difference between this Python online course and the thousands of other “Python for absolute beginners” and “Python for dummies” courses out there? Well, first of all, I have put all of my experience in the field of ethical hacking into this one, single Python course. I share practical basics of Python, real-life-based examples of cases where Python is truly worth using.

Also, a lot of the Python online courses that you might encounter tend to circle around a specific point, but never truly get to it. You leave the course feeling like you sort of learned something… but sort of didn’t, at the same time. In this introduction to Python tutorial, we’ll go straight to the point – in a couple of hours, you will have the fundamental knowledge about the basics of Python and it’s main features. Whether you want to learn Python for your own personal interests or you’re aiming for that developer’s job – it does not matter! Everybody needs to start somewhere, and a reliable and all-around useful introduction to Python is the perfect place to do so! So, jump in, and I’ll see you on the inside of the course

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