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IOS App Entrepreneurship: Build A Tech Start-Up

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If you are looking to become an iOS App entrepreneur, or make your current App start-up more professional, you may love this course! Now get 10% off on privacy policies at iubenda! Learn why to avoid creating a website for your app

Why learn from me?

I am the founder and lead iOS Developer at Adamantium Mettle, L.L.C.. Thats right I’m a real app developer who has distributed apps in the Apple App Store. I’m very familiar with the Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC). Everything I cover in the course I have gone through the process of implementing for real apps that are live in the App Store.

Five years ago I was probably a lot like you. I wanted to distribute my own apps in the App Store. I had a lot of questions with very few solutions. Since then I have distributed a number of apps while solving many problems along the way. Thats why I created this course to help other app developers like yourself tackle the many challenges of app distribution.

In addition to the real world experience above I’m a former educator with 14 years experience. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education. I believe in a keep it simple approach because why make something complicated if it doesn’t have to be.

The Promise:

My promise to you is that everything covered in the course will provide a real world solution to real world challenges in App Distribution. At the end of this course you will absolutely be able to distribute a real app in the app store. Please note in this course we don’t actually create any apps just monetize and distribute.

Don’t waste any more time or money:

Don’t waste time and money on more books or searching for youtube videos. Been there and done that Take a course from an actual app developer who has distributed apps in the app store. There is not a more complete course on App Distribution anywhere.

Basic knowledge
You will need an iOS developer account to launch and distribute apps
A MAC with Xcode installed
Ideally you will have a willingness to learn
This course covers starting a US company, but the same principles can be applied in any country
Desire to distribute and monetize apps
Desire to create your own company and become an app entrepreneur

What will you learn
Regardless if your a rookie or veteran by the end of this course you will be able to:

Create a StartUp
Enroll as an Organization with Apple Developer Program
Monetize with AdMob
Increase revenue with In-App Purchases
Create Legally Binding Privacy Policies and get 10% off
set-up Export Compliance
Testing and Debugging
Distribute Apps in 154 territories
Get the right App Installs
Create Digital Marketing campaigns with twitter, Facebook, AdWords, YouTube and Apple Search Ads

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