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ExpiredLearn Apache Spark from Scratch for Beginners


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Learn Apache Spark from Scratch for Beginners

Apache Spark is a fast cluster computing framework. It is used for large scale data processing. Our course provides an introduction to this amazing technology and you will learn to use Apache spark for big data projects. This introductory course is simple to follow and will lay the foundation for big data and parallel computing. The technology based on in memory primitives makes it almost 100 times faster than Hadoop and Mapreduce.

The following content is covered in the course

– Apache Spark Applications

– Machine Learning and Graph X

– Run time modes like Yarn Cluster and Mesos Cluster

– Learn to setup HortonWorks VM

– Introduction to Spark Scala API

– Execute Apache Spark Tasks

– Configuring Apache Spark

– Building and Running Spark Applications

– Write Spark applications for visualization, machine learning, streaming SQL

– Resilient Distributed datasets

– Application Submission and Spark Driver

– Lambda Architecture

– Spark Streaming and Dstream

Learn all this and much more in this unique course with abundant practical tips and theoretical rigor to master Apache Spark.

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