ExpiredLearn Command Line: Use Linux Commands & Mac Command Line Like a Pro


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Learn Command Line: Use Linux Commands & Mac Command Line Like a Pro


No matter if you are a power user or a developer, there comes a time when you need to use the command line to complete your tasks. In other words, learning command line is essential, since you won’t be able to complete your tasks without it.That is why, whether you are a power user or a developer, you will need to learn command line tools. Or to put it another way, you have just found a course for you.What Will You Learn?Developers use command line tools to install dependencies and development tools. In addition, many tasks can’t be done using GUIs, but they CAN be complete – and completed fast – by using the command line.A quick overview of the tutorial below.We will start with an introduction to command line tools, where you will get an overview of what is waiting for you in the tutorial and customizing terminal. Then we will move on to learning commands.

  • How to change and list files/folders
  • How to create files and directories
  • How to delete files and directories
  • How to move files
  • How to rename, read, edit files
  • How to copy files
  • Learn fast navigation and more

As you can see, learning Linux commands and Mac terminal commands is vital for every power user and developer. To start this tutorial, you need only the enthusiasm to learn. (Basic computers skills would welcome, though.) Also, you must be a user of Mac or Linux.The Reviews Speak for ThemselvesIf you are still wondering whether to learn command line, check out the reviews of this tutorial:Samuel Nikijuluw says: The course is good and right to the point. It worked great for a beginner in terminal like me, as it covered the basic commands that I needed to play around with terminal. Good course, keep up the good work!Kevin says: Although I had experience working with the command line, I learned a lot of new things from this tutorial and it also refreshed my skills on the basics. The tutorial was comprehensive, while the instructor was very enthusiastic about his topics and presented them well.Steven Says: This course is perfect for a beginner coder like me. Paced well enough to NOT be boring, and informative enough to inspire the students to go on to learn more.Irfan says: For a Linux beginner like me, this course was really beneficial. It made me feel like Linux isn’t that sophisticated and that I just needed some training to get the hang of it. I recommend this course to anyone who has fears about using Linux as the main operating system. I thank the instructor for helping me to overcome the anxiety about Linux. And now it is my main OS!Learn Command Line Now!This tutorial is meant for students first and foremost. What does that mean? It means that I take feedback very seriously and I always try to improve the course based on it. I am always looking for new content to add and I greatly value the support I get from my students.So take that step and learn command line – this tutorial is the easiest place to do so!

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