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ExpiredLearn Fullstack Web Development With Spring And Angular


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About this Course
Coding entire applications is not an easy task, it requires writing lines and lines of codes that design every inch of your website from scratch. This pushed for introducing a simpler way to design the layout of the websites, giving birth to frameworks. However, frameworks were distinctly divided into two different sections front end and back end.

Angular is a popular front end framework that allows you to create functional and dynamic front end websites. However, to ensure that website is functional, you also need to create a back end. This is where Spring comes it. The Spring Framework is built on the Java Platform and simplifies building web applications in Java.

While there are a number of courses in the market that teach you how to build apps in Angular 5 and Spring, there are few courses that cater to help you understand how to build a complete functional app that has both, front end and back end functionality. This is why we have designed this course!

Our Spring + Angular tutorial will initiate by covering the basis and going over basic concepts of Angular 5 including the theory behind it, why its useful, the standard file structure, TypeScript, the CLI, components, and so on. Following this, you will delve into Spring and learn how to integrate it into your Angular project.

With Spring, you will go over how to create your back-end server and get it up and running with Angular. From there you will work on building an actual project from the ground up , A To Do List Application. This will include designing an entire front end layout with Angular and integrating a back end system with Spring.

The course has been designed for intermediate developers who are at least familiar with Core Java, an idea about the Spring Framework and at least basic web development knowledge as the course will not cover basic Java paradigms.

At the end of this course, you will have an in-depth knowledge of Angular 5, Spring Framework, and how to combine the two to build a complete application from the scratch.

What you will find in this course:

Basics of Angular : theory behind it, why its useful, building a simple Hello World Project, command line interface, standard file structure, TypeScript, components, building blocks, etc.
How to Integrate Spring with your Angular
How to create your back end server and get Spring working with Angular
Advanced Angular concepts like dependency injection, HTTP client, form handling, etc.
Creating an actual working project ,a ToDo List Application
And so much more!
So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and become an expert app developer with this course!

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