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Learn how to use Excel from beginner to advanced in 23 hours!


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Learn how to use Excel from beginner to advanced in 23 hours!


Learn nearly all the things you can possibly do with Microsoft Excel. From the very basics of how to use Excel to advanced Excel functions to using the power of it in business data analysis, creating powerful data queries, data validation, and much – MUCH – more. This will be your all-in-one, super comprehensive course that will help you to master the power of Excel! (Additional materials, homework tasks, and quizzes included.)

What happens when you go further from just learning how to use Excel?

⅘ of current job openings require computer literacy, and knowing how to use Excel, advanced Excel tips & tricks is almost as a default skill as knowing how to make a phone call. Technophobia is no longer an excuse. This Microsoft Excel tutorial is suitable for users of any level – from beginners to advanced users, and you may choose the topics that are relevant to you. You have no obligation to complete each section of this course. Do you need to learn how to use Excel? Choose the introductory sections. Need some in-depth training on how to use functions in Excel or extracting football team data from their website? You’re in the right place – there’s a special section designated for that topic.

So, what happens when you’re past the Excel basics? What potential does this spreadsheets software bring to your life?

  • First of all, with excellent Excel skills, your market value goes up. And with this Excel tutorial, you’ll not only know what can you do with Excel, but also master a tool which has a dominantly excellent reputation globally;
  • You’ll have a perfect reporting tool, making your life easier, and it will also help you save loads of time when you start automating your calculations or project tracking tasks;
  • After learning advanced Excel tips & tricks, your analysis and reports will be more effective as you’ll be able to make more sense of raw numbers and solve more business problems that way;
  • Finally, it’s a perfect tool for creating visual representations of your work.
What are you going to get from this Excel tutorial?

This course is going to make you sit and learn for almost the entire 24 hours! That’s how much material has been provided for you to learn this perfect tool. Hold on to see the main topics that will be covered here.

  • Starting from the basics, you’ll first learn what can you do with Excel and how to use Excel in general as if you’ve entered it for the first time in your life (things like entering text and then changing the size, adding images, calculating, etc.)
  • Your next steps in this path will deal with calculations with basic formulas, learning how to use functions in Excel, adding combination charts, math, and trigonometry functions, calculating statistics, etc.
  • You’ll then get ready to see how you can apply engineering functions, database functions, and countless other functions for different industries.
  • Next level studies will include data analysis in pivot tables (things like creating revenue dashboards and similar), how to use sparklines and data bars.
  • You’ll learn to analyze sales data in pivot tables and pivot charts, how to analyze and validate your data.
  • You’ll learn advanced Excel tips & tricks and make power queries for extracting data from websites, and much more.
Choose one detailed Microsoft Excel tutorial and start reaping the fruits of learning this tool!

This is a very detailed and extremely broad tutorial where you’ll go from a beginner to an advanced level as an Excel user. I work in an educational setting for many years, so I have the experience of presenting the information in such a way that it will sit in your head for a long time. To make it a practical course, I’ve included lots of additional materials, homework tasks, quizzes, and advanced Excel tips & tricks! Click and join the course now

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