ExpiredLearn stock market day and positional trading strategies

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Learn stock market day and positional trading strategies

  • Basic of stock market
  • Basic of how to buy and sell of stocks
  • Basic of stock market disciplines and terminologies like book profits, stop loss, buy and sell signals

In this course you will learn how to become successful day trader with using simple yet magical indicator where profits are huge and stoploss are minimal. In this world only 5% successful trades persist then why out students can’t be in this 5% successful traders. Enrol this course and be in 5% successful trades thats our open challenge.

Who this course is for:
  • All who want to win stock market with using simple chart reading
  • Beginners can also take this course as risk/reward ratio is almost 20/80%
  • College students, working professionals, house wives, professional trades all can take this course

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