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Learn to Build a Shopping Cart using NodeJS


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About this Course
Ecommerce has revolutionized the shopping experience for a lot of users. People no longer have to go stand in lines or even get out of their homes to purchase products, it can all be done now with a few clicks. This also becomes easier for sellers, as they don’t have to go deal with the cost of setting up stores and hiring additional personnel, and can simply ship the products to the buyer.

This mini NodeJS course is great if you want to build your own E-commerce website. In this mini NodeJS tutorial, you will use NodeJS and Express to design a custom bookstore, where people will be able to browse the books, add them to their cart and pay for them via Paypal.

NodeJS is the best tool for this project as it is a powerful cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to build server-side web applications.

Come on let’s get down to it already.

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