ExpiredLive Training on RESTful API With Express


Live Training on RESTful API With Express

[ 2PM -2:30PM GMT – 3rd March ] 

Today, you can find APIs or application programming interfaces everywhere. They allow the software to communicate consistently with other parts of software, both internal or external. This makes APIs crucial for scalability & reusability. However, the true potential of APIs was recognized upon the arrival of REST.

REST or Representational State Transfer is nothing but a set of rules that developers follow while creating the respective APIs. Soon after its introduction, RESTful APIs become the most popular ones and can be used for almost any protocol. Thanks to its flexibility and a myriad of other advantages, big giants like Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Flickr & others started implementing it.

In order to train you to build a RESTful API, we are organizing this Free Live Training for all the developers. It will train you for:

  • Node.JS, Express.JS & Passport.JS
  • Process of building a RESTful API
  • Handling token-based authentication
  • Designing database schemas
  • Validating & sanitizing user input

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