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ExpiredNginx + Apache: How to Setup a Server From Scratch Using VestaCP

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Nginx + Apache: How to Setup a Server From Scratch Using VestaCP


If you have a wonderful idea for a website, and are eager to make it a reality – great! All the power to ya! However, a lot of your entrepreneurs don’t really think too much about the creation process of the website. They find a server hosting company, buy their services and then move on to the actual creation process of the site. The problem arises when you notice that you’re paying exponential amounts of money just to be able to host your website – not to mention other domain maintenance fees as well! That’s why in this tutorial, we’ll learn how to setup a server and then how to host your own website on it – something that every aspiring entrepreneur should look into! Once you manage to make your own servers, you can even start thinking about how to start a web hosting business.

Why Learn How to Setup a Server?

Since setting up a server and learning how to host a website is no easy feat, a lot of people shy away from learning these skills. However, this shouldn’t be the case! Setting up a server can be the main turning point that determines the success of your website. If you put in the time and the effort to learn this skill, you will be able to host your site with the maximum possible uptime, speed and with a minimum required disc space. But the absolute best feature for why people learn how to setup a server is the price – if you learn how to host your own website and make your own servers, you save a ton of money!

Web hosting can get really pricey. A lot of hosting sites and companies online offer seemingly great prices for their services, yet after some time you see that the pennies start to really add up. Before you know it, you have to find new ways of increasing traffic towards your website and fully monetizing it – all because it simply isn’t worth it anymore! However, once you learn how to setup a server, you basically become your own safeguard – the fate and functionality of the site rest solemnly in your hands! No third party interference, no hidden fees – you decide the outcomes!

Why Take This Course to Learn How to Setup Nginx Server?

One thing which makes this course stand out of the other online tutorials offering to teach you how to setup a server is experience. As one of the top experts on Vesta CP, I have put all of my web hosting experience into this one tutorial – once you finish it and know how to make your own servers, you’ll be able to host a server on Nginx and the Apache model, with a created Digital Ocean account. You’ll even cover the tips on how to start a webhosting business.

Furthermore, you will be pleased to know that this course was created with complete server hosting beginners in mind. You do not need to have any nor all prior experience with server hosting and site creations – it would help, but it’s not necessary! You’ll have the ability to learn how to set up a server from the very beginning – everything from account creation all the way to Vesta login panels  and how to start a web hosting business will be covered in the course! I’ll see you inside!


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