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ExpiredPersonal Finance : Personal Budgeting for Beginners

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Personal Budgeting for Beginners: Path of Financial Security

How to Gain A Peace of Mind in Our Finances in this Post Pandemic World

Nothing is Required. This is a beginner course

Personal Budgeting can be so painful I know this first hand after being a teacher on this subject for many years. For a beginner to start documenting our income and expenses on a budget, it can be painful. Questions like “Where shall I record my income ?” or “Where shall I record my expenses ? or “Should I group everything by category or date ?” and “Do I really have to create a budget ?” are very common questions I get. And my answer to that is Budgeting is very very very important.

Aside from knowing the importance of budgeting, there is this question of “When shall we budget ?”. After answering these questions, I realized that many of us know and can budget but we rather have a mental budget in our heads or not budget at all. So with that I created a short course on personal budget to answer all these questions and make it fun. This course is presented in an easy to follow and easy to implement way, so you can start your journey into budgeting success.

So lets start the journey of creating our personal budget.

Who this course is for:
Students that want to learn how to save
Students that wants to learn how to invest

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