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Passion for project management
Something to take notes

Nowadays, a project is one of those business terms you hear everywhere you go. What exactly is a project? Well, to put it simply, a project is a set of actions put together to accomplish the goal in a specified period of time. This can mean offering a new service, coming up with a new product, introducing a major update, etc.

This project management course is meant for everyone who has been tasked with managing a project but has no previous experience or needs to refresh their knowledge. Together, we will go through all the basics of project management in three hours of engaging and informative lectures.

Get to know the project management basics step by step
We will start the project management course with the fundamentals. I will explain to you what is the lifecycle of the project and what stages does it go through. You will also get to know the terminology used in discussing the project stages and common reasons that may cause a project to fail in the early stages.

When we’re done with project management basics, we will move up to the project definition and discuss the dreaded scope creep. Basically, the scope of your project represents certain boundaries on what exactly needs to be done for the project to be considered finished. Adding unauthorized tasks, such as new features, in the midst of the project, is called scope creep.

It can potentially be beneficial. However, in most cases, all it does is has a negative effect on the project’s budget and timeline, as well as the performance of the confused team. In this project management course, I will explain how to define the project scope to prevent scope creep. I will also speak in great detail about the steps you must take in the project planning stage to minimize the possibility of risks.

Lastly, we will discuss how to manage a project that’s already up and running. I will teach you the essentials of leading a team and delivering the results in a timely manner. As you can see, this project management course will guide you through every step of the process, helping you along the way!

Learn how to manage a project from an expert
The best teachers are those who know their practice as well as their theory. I have worked in CSL Group Ltd as a public sector consultant for over four years, and in the Deloitte management consulting company for over eight years. Since 2002, I have been organizing project management courses and trainings, as well as writing regular columns for Edge (the magazine of the Institute of Leadership and Management) and Project (the magazine of the Association for Project Management).

I am also an author of fourteen books that have been translated into twelve languages. The most popular titles include The Management Models Pocketbook, Brilliant Project Leader, Smart to Wise, and How to Manage a Great Project. My primary goal is to help educate professional project managers – would you like to join the club?

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