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ExpiredPresentation that sells Blueprint (webinar or on stage)

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Presentation that sells Blueprint (webinar or on stage)


If you’re…

  • In any type of selling industry: health, personal services, marketing, relationships, parenting….?
  • A small business owner, a start up or entrepreneur…?
  • Wanting to break out and get sales by speaking ???

…Then I give you the guide you need to craft and write the script of YOUR irresistible presentation.

The first time I tried this outline … I closed over 30% of the audience in just 55 minutes.

I only teach what I tried and gets results on real life.

  • Imagine if you can motivate your audience to decide on buying without resistance…
  • Picture yourself helping more people by selling them what they need and what they want … and they take action ...

in Just less than 60 min .. I will show you the scientific-backed blueprint for scripting the perfect presentation or webinar.

This presentation blueprint is full of consumer psychology and persuasion tactics that will make your audience beg you to buy.

Plus a template you can use right NOW to put out your presentation slides and write the script in less than 30 mins and get results.

When you use this blueprint .. Your sales will be Faster, Easier, More Profitably!

Here is a glance of what is inside

1- Your mindset about selling is all wrong ..


Because selling is not about money …

True selling is about adding value …

True selling is about helping people…

True selling is a long long relationship…

2- Your slide deck plus what to say in every slide

3- Timeline for your presentation and for slides

4- Deep psychological tactics to get yes and yes to you and your product.

What do you gonna loose to enroll in this course? ..nothing … why???

You have 30 day money back grantee so listen to this short course ,

Use the template ,

Do your webinar or presentation

and if you did not get any sales (that won’t happen , I’m sure)  … you can refund all your money … and we still be friends, right?

P.s. This course is about the presentation itself and what to say and how to plan your presentation slide by slide, line by line.

This Course is NOT about how to market your webinar

This Course is NOT about the technology you need

This Course is NOT about public speaking

P.P.s. This course is about crafting and writing your presentation or webinar script (exactly what to say in the webinar).

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Beginners marketers

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