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ExpiredProjects in ASP.NET Core 2.0

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Projects in ASP.NET Core 2.0

Master the core fundamentals of ASP.net Core 2.0 with this easy to learn hands-on course! ASP.Net Core is the next generation open-source framework to help build dynamic cross-platform websites. ASP.Net Core 2 is a powerful approach by Microsoft to revamp their platform and make it fast, flexible, and modern.

Learning ASP.Net is not one of the easiest task, and this is why we have designed this amazing course from the ground up which helps breaks down ASP.Net Core 2 into easy and simple to learn segments that use a hands-on approach to offer a more realistic learning experience.

The course starts at the very beginning and is also designed keeping in mind students that have never worked with the Core 2.0. Building on the fundamentals, you will also learn everything you need to start building your first ASP.Net Core 2 application.

The course has been divided into 5 prominent sections, with the first section covering a detailed overview of ASP.Net Core 2, including a comparison between core 1.0 and web pages, as well as how this core version has improved cross-platform development.

The following 4 sections include 4 different projects that cover simple applications such as a contact form that uses Razor Pages which let you send emails. We will also learn how to integrate the form with a GMAIL account. The second project will show you how to create a Web API that allows the developers to hit using RESTful resources on the application.

The third project will see you build a Shopping Cart from scratch which teaches you how to integrate the app with a database using the entity framework to accomplish that. We will also see how to retain information in the shopping cart as well allow users to modify their cart. In the final project, we will build an Authorized User Web App that is going to use the identity framework to build out all the structure, the schema inside the database. You will also learn how to integrate the identity framework into our application and give varying information.

Lets take a look at what you will find in this course:

  • Detailed overview of ASP.Net Core 2
  • Comparison between Core 1 and Core 2 versions
  • 4 hands-on projects that will help you solidify your knowledge with ASP.Net
  • Contact Page with Razor Pages
  • Web API using RESTful resources
  • Shopping Cart that integrates with a Database
  • Authorized User Web App that uses the Identity Framework

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