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Projects in Cloud Computing

Learn how cloud computing works & its important concepts with cloud computing projects in this cloud computing tutorial.



About this Course

Traditional systems of storage and platforms are complicated, expensive and time consuming, where developers required purchasing the right hardware for the right application and ramping up servers to scale their software. However, cloud computing revolutionized the way systems performed making it simpler and cheaper for companies to simply rent system platforms, instead of creating them from scratch.

Cloud Computing allows companies to share processing power, storage and even other services on demand such as computer networks, servers, storage, applications, etc. This provides companies with more resources to get their applications running faster and also requires less maintenance.

With the number of apps and software that is flooding the market, a system that helps create apps faster, was most definitely needed. There are three pioneer companies that are currently associated with Cloud Computing – Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Each company has pioneered innovations to help expand the sector.

Looking at the growing demand for cloud computing and the absence of courses to help teach the technology, we have designed this EPIC master course to help you learn Cloud Computing with a hands-on approach. This course will help you learn different technologies that are definitely needed to integrate the cloud in your everyday work and also to get the most out of the cloud for your app development.

From Amazon’s AWS to Heroku and even OpenShift, we will teach you how to get started with Cloud Computing to actually dealing with real world scenarios. The course has been compiled to help you learn how to actually work with cloud technologies and languages.

The course covers a vast syllabus that includes Cloud Engineering Techniques, the Cloud Architecture, Providers, Application Clients, Build Tools, Design Patterns, Programming Languages and also emerging cloud technologies to look out for.

That’s not all! In addition to the theory behind all the aforementioned topics, you will learn how to actually work with them. From configuration of Ansible & Kubernetes, to working with the architecture, you will actually design complete operating platforms in this Master Cloud Computing Course.

The course includes:

Cloud Provisioning: Ansible, Vagrant
Orchestration: Kubernetes
Providers: AWS, GCloud, Microsoft Azure, Heroku and OpenShift
Architecture: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and SaaS (Software as a service)
Application Clients: Azure Python SDK, GCloud SDK, Heroku SDK, OpenShift Client
Build Tools: Gradle, WebPack and PIP
Design Patterns: Circuit Breaker, Service Registration and Discovery, Load Balancing, Universal JavaScript
Cloud Programming Languages: Python, Java, Go, JavaScript
Emerging Cloud Technologies: Docker clusters, ReactJS zero configuration, Microservices

At the end of this course, you will not only be able understand the ins and outs of cloud computing, but you will also be able to design proper platforms for deployment on the cloud and also be able to work with various Cloud computing technologies.

So, what’s stopping you from boosting your career to the Clouds? Enroll now and let’s get started.


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